Echo results with ADSL modem and filter

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Echo results with ADSL modem and filter

Posted:Tue 11 of Jul, 2006 (15:02 UTC)
This is a great tool and you can easily rename the dump file to fxotune_dump.csv to open and graph it in excel.

For those who cannot get the patch to work here is a download link of the already patched file from the csv. Just move it into your /usr/src/zaptel directory and recompile using make.

I noticed that with ADSL and a filter on the line my echo percentage was close to 20%. If I remove the ADSL from the modem (but still leave the filter in) the echo drops to 13%. It iss only when i remove both the ADSL modem and filter and plug it directly from the wall to the TDM card that the echo drops to under 5%.

Has anyone had a similar problem? If so, how did you sold it.

I realised that i was not applying the settings using fxotune -s. Once i did that, even with the ADSL modem and filter the echo fell dramatically to 3% which the echo canceller should be able to handle (so we are told above).