FXOTUNE: -i option

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FXOTUNE: -i option

Posted:Thu 12 of Apr, 2007 (13:45 UTC)
I read that -i option is the digit that will break dialtone on the line.I have a TDM400P card with FXO 4 ports (one connected to a analogue phone, another to the PSTN and the other two are not in use).

I'm from Portugal and I would like to know how can I break the tone? I've been pressing all buttons on the analogue telephone but the dialtone is only absent for 5 seconds and then returns. The calibration of the hybrid takes about 3 minutes and I think the calibration isn't accurate because I cannot break the dialtone successfully.

I have a lot of echo (33%) so there must be something wrong!!!

Please HELP!!!!!

Best Regards...
Marco Passarinho