Asterisk not work with CISCO IP PHONE 7941G

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Re: Asterisk not work with CISCO IP PHONE 7941G

Posted:Mon 13 of Jun, 2016 (06:31 UTC)

I work for Tenfold, which is a company that develops a CTI integration for Asterisk, Cisco and many more. We have advanced sales analytics, and integrate to over 150 phone systems and CRM. We offer features such as click to dial and screen pop up. Here's a list of our integrations.
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Asterisk not work with CISCO IP PHONE 7941G

Posted:Mon 15 of Jun, 2015 (12:40 UTC)
Hello guys,

I have problems to register my phone in the asterisk, my phone is a cisco 7941G, and my SEPXXXX.cnf.xml file contain that:

<timeZone>Central European Time</timeZone>
<member priority="0">
		<line button="1">
		<line button="2">

when i see the log for the phone in the browser i find this:

WRN 21:20:37.396743 JVM: Thread-3|cip.l10n.NetworkLocaleProperty:? - Unable to process LocaleProperty 'device.settings.config.localization.networklocale'
NOT 21:20:38.863523 JVM: Thread-3|cip.sipcc.c:  - initializeLinePlane(): Mgmt Interface is in Service now..
NOT 21:20:39.153626 tftpClient: tftp request rcv'd from /usr/tmp/tftp, srcFile = dialplan.xml, dstFile = /usr/cache/DP817620086 
NOT 21:20:39.156587 tftpClient: auth server - tftpList[0] = 
NOT 21:20:39.157382 tftpClient: look up server - 0 
WRN 21:20:39.160269 SECD: WARN:lookupCTL: ** no CTL, assume TFTP NONSECURE
NOT 21:20:39.164441 tftpClient: secVal = 0xa 
NOT 21:20:39.165288 tftpClient: is a NONsecure server 
NOT 21:20:39.166034 tftpClient: temp retval = SRVR_NONSECURE, keep looking 
NOT 21:20:39.166747 tftpClient: retval = 10 
NOT 21:20:39.167478 tftpClient: Secure file requested 
NOT 21:20:39.168184 tftpClient: Non secure file approved  -- dialplan.xml  
NOT 21:20:39.183457 TFTP: [17]:Requesting dialplan.xml from 
NOT 21:20:39.194703 TFTP: [17]:Finished --> rcvd 90 bytes 
ERR 21:21:11.100842 JVM: %REG auth failed: ack timer
ERR 21:21:43.125804 JVM: %REG auth failed: ack timer
ERR 21:22:15.135824 JVM: %REG auth failed: ack timer
ERR 21:22:47.150861 JVM: %REG auth failed: ack timer
ERR 21:23:19.160881 JVM: %REG auth failed: ack timer

Who is wrong in my file?

Thanks in advance?