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An Asterisk appliance is a computer with Asterisk installed or “embedded” along with an Asterisk GUI, and FXO and FXS ports. Generally, Asterisk appliances have smaller form factors than desktops or some server models, and are highly efficient at running an Asterisk PBX.

Asterisk appliances are useful for small businesses wanting a complete PBX that is efficient in size, performance speed, and energy usage. Asterisk appliances are less expensive than typical PBXs, ranging from $200-$1000.

Asterisk appliances can be custom-made or pre-built from proprietary sources, or a user can build their own. Because Asterisk can run on nearly any computer, there is a wide variety of choice when it comes to the individual components of an Asterisk appliance. For example, Asterisk can be configured, depending on the modules, for 32 or 64-bit architecture. Some Asterisk appliances can use netbook chipsets such as the Intel Atom for a smaller form factor.

When building an Asterisk appliance, compiling modules can restrict chipset and operating system. For example, the Astlinux project must use the uClibc compiler rather than the more common GCC compiler, which makes Astlinux incompatible with Digium’s G.729a codec.

Proprietary Asterisk appliances come in many forms and do not require the user to compile code. Rhino’s Ceros uses Intel Core i3, 160GB hard drive and 1GB RAM with whatever Asterisk distribution the user chooses. The Phonebochs Telephony Appliance from Rockbochs, on the other hand, uses Intel Core Duo Mobile and Trixbox.

Asterisk Appliance from Digium

Digium, Inc has its own product called Asterisk Appliance 50. The server is designed for small businesses (up to 20 users) and can function as a hybrid phone solution or complete VoIP PBX.

Other Proprietary Asterisk Appliances

Proprietary Servers for Custom/DIY Asterisk Appliances

  • CompuLab: fit-PC2
  • PC Engines
  • Soekris Engineering

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