CNAM is an acronym which stands for Caller ID Name.

When phone calls are made, there are usually two user-facing identifiable pieces of information: a phone number and a Caller ID Name (usually a 15-character string). CNAM can be used to display the calling party's name alongside the phone number, to help users easily identify a caller.

There are numerous CNAM lookup services which allow you to pay a small fee to lookup the CNAM of a specified caller (by phone number).

CNAM Lookup Services List: Cost: Only $0.005 per query for carriers or $0.009 for hobbyists! No catch, guaranteed with easy paypal integration. Sign Up for a FREE Account and we will credit you 30 FREE CNAM queries to try No monthly fees or account minimums and 20 free queries to test our service when you open an account ( instant setup ). Simple HTTP API or Fast AGI that can be placed in your Asterisk dial plan. Also native support for Switchvox PBX systems. Results are never cached so you get up to the minute real-time results. Retail prices are $.006 per query and bulk pricing is available with a volume commitment of at least 25,000 queries per month. Free support and installation assistance is available. offers both CNAM ($0.006) and LRN ($0.0003) look ups. No minimums and monthly charges. Simple HTTP API, easy to integrate to Asterisk dial plan.

CID(name) Professional CNAM (Caller name) delivery

  • EVERY LOOKUP IS LIVE FROM THE SS7 (direct from the carrier owning the number)
  • NO 3rd party data sources
  • NO monthly fees
  • NEVER pay full price for unavailable results
  • Carrier grade, multi-redundant platform
  • Simple to integrate HTTP API
  • 99.7% caller id name accuracy
  • Lightning fast query responses (under 500ms)
  • Volume pricing as low as $0.002 per query
  • Try before you buy, 100 free dips with every new account
  • You choose the output, TEXT/JSON/XML
  • Track sub-accounts
  • Easy integration with Freeswitch, Asterisk, OpenSIPS, and other open source voip platforms
  • Easy access and daily downloads to your account activity
  • Thousands of happy customers

Get CARRIER GRADE CNAM at offers both CNAM and a pseudo-CNAM service at a fraction of the cost. Integration with asterisk is as easy as downloading the AGI and adding a single line to your dial plan. CNAM service for $12 per month (membership fee) and $0.005 per query ($0.004 for over 500,000 transactions per month). Simple HTTPS/XML-based API with examples, plus batch file upload and manual entry available via website. Asterisk support. We also support SIP protocol so your switch/dialer can communicate with our service directly. Members have full access to Data24-7's other services, such as carrier lookups and email-to-SMS gateway address lookups. Free trial! We have multiple SS7 interconnects and are able to provide you with some of the most accurate and up to date results. Pricing is $0.004 per query for our Free tier and it goes to $0.003USD and $0.0025USD for our Standard and Professional tiers. We do provide free testing - limited to 60 queries per hour. No commitment , no hassle. We are prepaid so you'll never have a surprise at the end of the month. You can access our services via SOAP or via JSON . We are also providing US/Canada/Australian numbers with CNAM enabled (each inbound call queries our CNAM database and will provide the name of the caller) OpenCNAM - A simple Caller ID API

  • Free tier which allows you to do 60 queries per hour for no charge (no signup required!).
  • Professional Tier does exclusively real-time CNAM lookups (no caching).
  • Starting rates at $0.004 per query.
  • Volume rates as low at $0.002 per query! Extremely competitive volume pricing.
  • Instant setup, no verification required.
  • Payment accepted via Credit and Debit cards, and Bitcoin.
  • You can choose the output format: JSON, JSONP (great for browser apps), XML, YAML, plain text, and PBX (a special format for integration with PBXs like Asterisk and Freeswitch).
  • Excellent support, we'll help you get setup and running in no time, shoot us an email if you have any issues:
  • Enterprise contracts available for large customers.

Our goal is to make CNAM suck less. Join the cause!

thinQ A revolutionary game-changing service. Servicing over 650 Facility Based Carriers in the US, thinQ has an extensive CLEC network with buying power to back it up, powering the telephony market with services such as CNAM, LRN, and SIP Based Routing. - offers free lookups and spam caller information for Australian numbers.


lookup_gotname() {
        out=`/usr/bin/curl -s -m 2 -A Mozilla/4.0<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>\&type=http\&number=${1}`
        echo $out;

lookup_order="sqlite3 anywho gotname google nanpa"


                                lu_name=`lookup_411 "${2}"`
                                lu_name=`lookup_gotname "${2}"`
                                lu_name=`lookup_google "${2}"`

An optional change: I (netplex/andrew) changed the lookup to not return the "NO AUTH" message because I wanted it to continue with other methods:

lookup_gotname () {
        out=`/usr/bin/curl -s -m 2 -A Mozilla/4.0\&type=http\&number=${1}`
        if [ "${out}" = "NO AUTH" ] ; then
        echo $out

Commercial Blurb put in by Rehan:

CNAM is the caller ID on a call that is sent from a wholesale carrier.

The company that own's that DID number gets the INTERCONNECT income because it owns the number.

Companies who provide calling card and call centers don't care what is the caller ID (what is sent to the CUSTOMER when a call is made). Because of the non-concern, they can use a DID number from a carrier that is willing to share its CABS income. This way they make MORE MONEY and get some money back which they currently pay to the termination company.

For example, say you make a call using the calling card, but when your call goes through, the number will appear 1-212-6552222.

You being the calling card company or any other company has a lot of outgoing traffic.

Companies that share CNAM revenue:

  • If your company is doing over 400,000 calls per month please feel free to contact us and see if we can help you save about 10% of your calling costs.

  • When you join Star Communication's CNAM Program, you can instantly add a monthly revenue stream to your business without changing your current telecom provider or day to day operations. Large Companies and organizations that make a large volume of outbound calls can benefit from our CNAM revenue program through revenue sharing. Many Telephone companies pay a small fee to the caller ID database providers each time they retrieve caller ID with name information for the end user. Minimum of 250,000 calls per month.

Companies that share Cabs revenue:

  • Calling Name (CNAM) Ready phone numbers are provisioned to receive “Calling Name” fees from a receiving carrier each time a call terminates on their platform. When this happens, Callerid4u’s Caller-ID name is retrieved and matched to a nationwide Caller ID database. These small fees are aggregated into monthly payments from which Callerid4u then pays you.

  • provides its wholesale members with DID's that pay up to .002 cent a min for sending the CABS. If you have 10,000,00+ terminating mins a month, DIDX can get this money to your pocket.

  • shares CNAM dip revenue, minimum U.S. termination of 400k calls / month. Customers have control over caller name and incoming calls can be picked up via sip.

  • ViaTalk White now provides an API for CNAM lookup. Haven't used it yet, but I've had decent luck with ViaTalk's other tools.

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