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Several standards are available for measuring telephone call quality.

MOS measures subjective call quality for a call. MOS scores range from 1 for unacceptable to 5 for excellent.
VOIP calls often are in the 3.5 to 4.2 range.

The ITU P.861 (PSQM) and P.862 standards explain how to calculate MOS scores.
The methods used require a test call in order to make the measurements. Kurittu and Mattila debate the practicality of P.862 for VoIP in an AES paper titled "Practical Issues in Objective Speech Quality Assessment with ITU-T P.862". I can't vouch for it because I couldn't find it online for free, but there may be a few similarities with Takahashi, Hideaki, and Kitawaki's Perceptual QoS Assessment Technologies for VoIP.

ITU P.563 calculates call quality passively and calculates an R Factor that can be used to estimate a MOS score.

Using the PESQ and PAMS call quality measurement methods requires a license from Psytechnics a spinoff from British Telecom.

Newer versions of Cisco IOS has built-in tools for measuring call quality metrics including estimated MOS scores for test calls. A detailed description of their methods is in this document: Service Assurance Agent (SAA) VoIP Proactive Monitoring

For products to measure call quality see: How To Debug and Troubleshoot VOIP

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