Digital Telephone Adapters

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Digital Telephone Adapters

  • PATTON Electroncs - SmartNode DTA Up to Four Simultaneous SIP or T.38 Calls—With 1/2 ISDN So BRI ports and one 10/100Base-TX Ethernet port. Supports SIP, H.323, ISDN telephony plus T.38 and SuperG3 FAX over TDM/PSTN and IP/Ethernet services simultaneously. Transparent ISDN Features with complex number manipulation and mapping for seamless integration with existing infrastructures, CLIP, CLIR, AOC, PARE, hold, transfer, SIP overlap dialing and much more. And you always get free support! Home Page | VoIP Phones | VoIP Gateways | Open source Voip Software |VoIP Debugging | Codecs | VoIP Service Providers | VoIP Sites
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