Failover switches

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Failover switches (also called Fallback, Line Protection, or A/B Fallback switches) can switch a circuit between two based on a manual or automatic trigger. Some can be controlled via TCP/IP.

  • ISP failover
    • Having multiple connections to the Internet from different providers can be a challenging configuration puzzle. Some routers are designed to make this easy for simple installations.
    • See the Small Routers with Multiple WAN Interfaces section in VOIP Routers for more information.

The following is not really a failover type of product, but it might be useful for some people:

Description: The single version provides ten identical outputs from a single T1/E1 input. The dual version provides four outputs for each of two inputs. So you could use this to connect one or two T1/E1 to multiple Asterisk servers (where one server would of course not be running Asterisk until the other server is dead)

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