Free VoIP Networks

Whats a Free VoIP Network?
Free VoIP Networks are based on the SIP.EDU project, which means:

  • It's a 100% SIP compliant network that allows you to connect with SIP softphones/IP phones/WiFi Phones...
  • It's a network where you dont pay to register and get a SIP URI.
  • Allows you to freely dial people inside your domain.
  • Allows you to freely dial people from other Free VoIP Networks.
  • Allows you to freely receive calls from other Free VoIP Networks.
  • Does ENUM lookups to Arpa, and before dialing E164 numbers.

Free VoIP Networks available

  • BBee-free calls between BBee-Users, free mobile applications, Free text and pictures Messaging, free calls between iPhone and Android users.
  • MO-Call-free calls between MO-Callers, free mobile applications, Instant Messaging, free calls between iPhone users, callback calls,access numbers...
  • StarTel - - does ENUM lookups, Instant Messaging, Video, Presence and free PSTN calls to 30 countries
  • VoipGate - IAX2, SIP, Enum, various option......
  • OnSIP - Free SIP to SIP calls, free extension to extension dialing. Unlimited free users and and extensions. Loads of free features including time based routing. Built on open standards means OnSIP works with any SIP compliant phones and networks. WebRTC and SIP over WebSocket support.
  • TalkBD - SIP only. Free SIP phones.Voice mail,Conference
  • Free SIP providers - Free SIP providers. Review of free sip services.
  • CloudNumbers - Free calls between CloudNumbers customers and to other users on the TeleWare platform (deposit required for outbound calls). 0844 number allocated for inbound calls. Other numbers available.
  • free calls for sip or iax2 between users - Free calls between users using sip or iax2, also allows the use of sipbroker shared dids, use your own device or soft phone. no monthly fees.
  • FreelyCall provides free internet voice and video calls, in addition to low rate local and international calls to regular telephones and mobiles
  • Sipmobile Free audio and video calls between Sipmobile users, free calls to Sipbroker networks. Instant Messaging. PSTN access numbers. Cheap international calls to regular telephones and mobiles. ENUM lookups. WebRTC support. Free WebRTC client Webphone.

Closed VoIP Networks

VoIP Servers that implement Free VoIP Networks

VoIP Servers that DO NOT implement Free VoIP Networks
  • 3COM VCX V7000 IP Telephony Solution
  • Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise
  • Cisco Call Manager 4.1.3
  • Cisco Call Manager 5.0
  • Siemens HiPath 4000
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