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Call Center Software Cloud-based Call Center Software
  • Cloud-based inbound & outbound contact center platform
  • IVR, ACD, automated dialers, and dozens of other enterprise features
  • Customizable to your exact needs. Build your own applications & integrations
  • Enterprise-level network, reliability, security and US-based support
Call Center Software AVOXI: Cloud-based Contact Center Software
  • Inbound & outbound hosted call center solution. (Not supported with dialers)
  • Live Monitoring & Real Time Reporting
  • International Toll Free & Local numbers from over 150 countries
  • Schedule a live demo and get a 30 day free trial!
8x8 Virtual Contact Center
  • Learn more about the Cloud Contact Center
  • Quick set up with no additional hardware
  • Easy organization and immediate changes
SafeSoft Call Center Software Call Center Software
  • Cloud-based Call Center Software - $49/seat Promo
  • Blended Calls: Inbound and Outbound
  • Increase Sales & Productivity By Up To 400% Overnight
  • Free Demo. Instant Setup Available.
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  • ACD, IVR and Predictive Dialer in the cloud
  • Complete CRM Integration
  • Originate and terminate on any VoIP carrier

What Is IVR?

IVR, or interactive voice response, is a what allows phone systems to process touch tones or voice waves during a telephone call. IVR technology is responsible for the menus people hear and respond to when they call up a company or business and hear the words: "press 1 for sales, press 2 for marketing, press 0 to speak to the operator," for example. IVR systems can be fully customized to play back dynamic audio, or pre-recorded menu options.

IVR is not necessarily related to VOIP, however, a VOIP IVR is. Most VOIP IVR systems or software support SIP based VOIP, but Skype IVR also support non-standard based Skype service.

Computer Telephony Component

IVR is an automated computer telephony integration CTI system which allows providers to create complex menus which the caller can navigate by using touch-tone key-presses or via spoken commands. IVR systems can be used as a Voice portal to access remote information such as bus scheduling where the caller can select the route for which they require information, or for billing or customer service systems which allow the caller to enter information such as their account number or credit card details without the need for operator assistance.

IVR and ACD Integration

IVR solutions are often integrated with an ACD, which routes incoming phone calls to agent work groups. This integration can be both a front end and back operation.

  • Most typically, an ACD system can route callers to an IVR program based upon DNIS or other parameters such as time of day or day of the week.
  • A smart IVR can transfer callers back to an ACD system to route the call to the next available agent within an agent hunt group.

One important task of an integrated IVR and ACD is to display Screen Pop information from the caller on the agent's workstation so that the agent has caller information readily available without the need to prompt the caller again.

IVR and Voice Broadcasting

IVR applications are typically associated with inbound calling programs. However, IVR technology can be applied to outbound calling campaigns and are most commonly used with Voice Broadcasting and touchtone responses. Examples of the application of this technology include the option to speak with an operator, opt out of a calling campaign, or taking an outbound survey.

Here is an example of IVR implementation in Voice broadcasting

Graphical Design Tool for IVR Applications

Recent IVR systems usually use high level scripting languages such as VoiceXML, an open standard for interactive voice response systems. For most users who lack technical training, developing an IVR system using scripting language, even high level language, are not feasible. The good news is there are design tools that are based on graphical user interface for the techies and none-techies alike. By using a GUI tool, a user can simply drag-and-drop components and create and deploy an IVR system in minutes. The whole design is a call flow diagram, much like a voicemail system user manual.

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IVR Information

  • CCXML standard markup language for IVR / call control applications
  • IVR System Simulation Model - estimates resources required for an inbound calling campaign.
  • IVRS World - Blog about IVR IVR
  • Acclaim Telecom Services Inc. Speech Solutions IVR Blog
  • VoiceXML standard markup language for IVR / speech applications
  • IVR-XML for small IVR applications

IVR Examples

IVR Applications

  • DSC Phone Surveys - IVR phone survey applications and development tools
  • ICTBroadcast IVR Designer designs IVR of your own choice for outbound calls and autodialer traffic as well as use these IVR for making Surveys .
  • IVR Applications - Lists a variety of DSC IVR phone applications and clients
  • IVR Applications from Invox include Payment over phone, surveys, CRM (Saleforce, Zoho) lead capture, CRM by phone, Google Analytics integration, database integration, REST integration, Store locator, Geographical Routing, Automated Scheduling, Reminders, IM alerts, Skype IVR and others. Supports numbers from 40 countries.
  • IVR blog about ivr usage and applications
  • IVR dial plan example, full functional Asterisk dial plan that you can use and modify for your needs
  • Native Asterisk Pay By Phone Module - Native 32/64 bit Asterisk pay by phone module. Try the demo (954)233-0917. Requires US Merchant Account.
  • miniSipServer - IPPBX for Windows&Ubuntu system, support IVR_XML, easy and funny.
  • OSDial is a dialer solution with powerful and flexible IVR capabilities for press one campaigns, elections, surveys, etc.
  • VirtualPBX, powerful open source IVR application based on Asterisk.The virtual-pbx application is intended for processing incoming calls and rapid organization IVR menu. also provides an isolated environment (numbered plan, routing calls, institute phones and so forth. ) for multiple users.
  • Plum Voice offers a number of free IVR applications that are accessible via its QuickFuse platform. IVR Surveys can also be created with Plum's FloodLight survey creation tool.
  • PEC Insight IVR provides a easy to use drag and drop IVR Platform designed to be used all over the world for high volume calls. VoIP and TDM Support. Call PEC at 1732-290-1900 for more information.
  • VoiceGuide VoIP IVR software for fast deployment of inbound and outbound IVR services. Advanced graphical script designer. Extensive features and integration options. Example scripts provided. Scalable system proven to work handling hundreds of channels per server, while per line pricing makes it still affordable for smaller deployments.
  • Voicent IVR Studio - delivers high-quality caller experiences by enabling you to easily build logical, fast, crystal-clear navigation of phone system menus and options, from simple call flow to incredibly powerful connections to web applications and other tools.

IVR Development Software

  • 3Gcallnet IVR Designed from 3gcallnet.com. Web based designed custom IVR by 3G CallNet.
  • Advanced Custom IVR - complete IVR development software, services, and systems.
  • AGIntera ASTERISK IVR Windows-based
  • Anveo Visual Call Flow Designer from Anveo.com. Web based designer to Drag and Drop your custom IVR. Anveo has many templates to start with. IVR can be assigned to phone numbers from over 48 countries.
  • Arcutel IVR - IVR cloud solution for enterprises, no initial investment and no charges for premium features. Arcutel offers 2 months free trial and an excellent customer service.
  • Asteria Solutions Group - Configurator - Full featured office / call center PBX with a graphical IVR builder.
  • AstrIVR XML based IVR software for Asterisk by Tower Technologies
  • Cally Square - HTML5 Drag and Drop IVR designer for Asterisk Open Source PBX
  • HTK Horizon IVR Studio web-based drag-and-drop IVR service creation and hosting.
  • i6net Leading IVR Services platform provider for voice and video IVR VoiceXML platforms/colocation/hosting.
  • Integration Server - develop database driven IVR (Asterisk dial plan) easily and visually (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Postgres etc.)
  • IVR For Skype Open Source IVR and DTMF recognition example for Skype many features very easy to quickly test and modify.
  • IVR Designer from Invox - Visual Drag and drop to build your IVR. Call status is shown realtime on the browser. Comes with 50 voice mashups. Supports numbers from 40 countries.
  • IVRDesigner.com - Hosted IVR solution for implementing inbound call flow systems, offers intuitive drag & drop interface for building out calls flows.
  • Katalina Technologies VoiceGuide Visual Service Designer for fast deployment of inbound and outbound IVR services. Extensive features and integration options. Example scripts provided. Scalable system proven to work handling hundreds of channels per server, while per line pricing makes it still affordable for smaller deployments.
  • KooKoo . Cloud based IVR development. Develop IVR applications in the programming language of your choice (Java, PHP etc). Free to try. Phone number provisioning in India.
  • open source autodialer with visual drag and drop tools to build custom IVR developed by ICT Innovations
  • PEC Insight IVR provides a easy to use drag and drop IVR Platform designed to be used all over the world for high volume calls.
  • Plum Voice offers free VoiceXML developer accounts for VXML programmers as well as QuickFuse a visual IVR development platform.
  • www.pronexus.com - VBVoice, a rapid application development (RAD) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toolkit for telephony and speech inside Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.
  • QueueMetrics offers comprehensive IVR tracking and statistics for the Asterisk PBX
  • SafiServer and SafiWorkshop - Centralized Asterisk(and FreeSWITCH)-based call control server with graphical (drag and drop) designer
  • SmartAction IVR enables IVR integration within customer databases, web site or service, PBX and call agent support software.
  • Telzio Small business phone system with IVR Menu support from $1/month.
  • Visual Dialplan for Asterisk, modern visual development platform for IVR and Asterisk dial plan development. Free download.
  • Voicent IVR Studio for developers - offers VoiceXML-based graphical design environment that allows you to define your application's whole interactive process by simply creating a GUI call-flow diagram; use the built-in support to interface with email servers, relational databases, CRM systems, and programs; test and deploy your applications with a single click.
  • VXML development environment IEC - SIP/2.0+VXML 2.1 Inexpensive IVR Platform SRGS MRCP Server, Cloud/MRCP ASR/TTS , Linux/Windows Free One Channel.

Commercial IVR Vendors

Cloud Telephony Application Platforms

  • http://www.zapappi.com zapappi - An online platform that allows developers to write applications using FastAGI and connect them to a 'cloud asterisk' platform. No need to worry about scale or geo-availability, zapappi handles everything for you.
  • 3CLogic Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions With 3CLogic, you can recognize the importance of your customers’ time with an advanced and intuitive IVR platform capable of facilitating self-servicing or quickly gathering client information prior to any interaction.
  • Call4Smile is a hosted unified broadcasting service that offers voice broadcasting online.Voice broadcasting service can be used in environments where a large number of people have to be contacted in a short span of time.
  • KooKoo is a cloud telephony platform for India

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