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Business SIP Providers
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate *
8x8 8x8 IP Trunking
  • Unlimited calls to US and Canada
  • Softphone and mobile app available
  • 2012 Market Leader Award
Corvisa SIP Trunking
  • 24/7 expert US-based support
  • Carrier-grade network with QoS SLAs
  • Toll-free, E911, CNAM, INUM, T1/PRI
  • 40+ Features, Including Free Video CRM
  • Easy Setup- Use Any Bandwidth and Phones
  • Salesforce AppExchange Partner
Broadvoice SIP BroadVoice SIP
  • 5 lines for $55, additional lines only $2
  • Unlimited Inbound
  • month long trial period

Video Conferencing System:

Yealink VC400 and VC120 Video Conferencing System - innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing system designed specifically for head office use. This system supports a H.323 and SIP dual protocol to ensure good compatibility with mainstream video conferencing systems.

Hardware Phones:

TANDBERG E20 - SIP VOIP and Video Phone
Grandstream GXV3000 - Cheap H.264 SIP Videophone
Grandstream GXV3240 IP Multimedia Phone
Grandstream GXV3275 SIP Videophone - Voice and/or video H.264/H.263/H.263+ and embedded Skype, browsing etc too.
fanvil - C600 7” Smart Video IP telephone (SIP protocol) with multi-touchscreen
Leadtek Research Inc. - AMOR8210 Wireless Videophone

Software Phones

AuPix - SIP Voice, Video and Real-time-text Videphone Software for PC, Android, etc
Ekiga - Free SIP Audio/Video phone
WengoPhone - Videophone from Wengo
TABLETmedia iFon - soft videophone for PDAs and Smartphones
Kapanga - Free VideoPhone
Video Processing - VOIP video processing technologies and mobile programming.
X-Lite - free soft videophone
eyeBeam - eyeBeam softphone
Bria - newest softphone from CounterPath
Intellivic Softphone - Intellivic Softphone
Intellivic Softphone Demo - free Intellivic softphone demo
Mercuro IMS Client - Free IMS/SIP videoPhone - SIP Video IP door softphone - Previously Sip-Communicator - Voice and Video - h264 capable

Dead Projects

Viseon - VisiFone SIP compatible Video Phone (site is dead 2009.02.09. Company out of business)
Pic-tel videophones - SIP or h323 videophones for IP video telephony (site is dead / 2007.06.02)
Call Image Videotel - SIP Broadband Videophone / VideoStreaming / Web browser (site is dead / 2007.06.02) Company is out of business :(

Videostream only

Videostream on Snom 370 - An implementation for Snom 370 Phones, which uses the build in minibrowser (german only)

Where to Buy

America - Video Phones from .e4
America - Video Conferencing Equipment from VoIP Supply. Get the Grandstream GXV3000 here!7
Belgium - Quick delivery by UPS. Reseller Prices Available!!
Venezuela - FONLOGIC Grandstream GXV3140 and Grandstream GXV3175 Multimedia Video Phones
Europe and UK IP Video Phones in stock at VoIPon.
Europe and Germany IP Video Phones in stock at - Voice over IP Distribution.

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