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What is VoIP Origination?

VoIP Origination is the process of giving carriers inbound call access.

VoIP Origination Providers

Please list VoIP Origination providers here in alphabetical order.


carrymynumber.com Wholesale DID Numbers - No commitments - We provide DID Numbers for Retail/ for CALL CENTERS / MARKETING COMPANIES /calling Car providers. We offer unlimited channel numbers with No per minute charges. We have Largest coverage of DID Numbers . Why pay per minute or Per Channel for DID's ?


1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 50 countries. We have regional network facilities spread across the globe.
  • Actual US CLEC
  • Branded customer portals
  • Multiple geographic locations on one Hosted PBX
  • Coverage in over 50 countries
  • Unlimited inbound on each channel
  • Great for inbound call centers
  • No fee's per user or extension

Alcazar Networks Inc. is offering high quality and cost effective Wholesale VoIP Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination - Get paid for your toll free traffic! We provide dependable access to over 3100 rate centers and instant access to over 1,200,000 DIDs including T38 and local number portability. Wholesale SIP

Asterisk SIP Trunking - US Wholesale Pricing — Offers SIP Trunking for Asterisk. Over 500,000 DID's available in 9,500 rate centers. You can activate and setup service in minutes. TDM Enterprise quality. Fully qualified Asterisk consultants ready to assist you. Live customer service with 24/hr ticketing system. No per channel fees, we offer unlimited channels in with your SIP trunk. FREE API for your website. Use our API to leverage the power of our customer user portal on your own website. You can build your own back office admin panel with our API and also provide your customers the ability to order DIDs in REAL TIME along with setting up SIP Trunks. Automate everything and increase customer base.Our Asterisk SIP Trunks are not only for Asterisk. We work with every IP Ready telephone system. Try us out today! No contract and low rates. DIDs are $0.50 per month, Toll Free DIDs are $0.50 per month US/Canada calling rates per minute are $0.009 for TIER1 quality calls. Nothing will route out low quality networks. International calling is available immediately upon registration. Auto refill on your credit card will ensure your account never runs out of funds.

Broadvox is a leading VoIP Service provider that delivers reliable VoIP solutions for domestic and international destinations.

Broadvox VoIP Origination allows for easy access to DID TNs from US, Canada, and Puerto Rico in over 8,900 rate centers. Numbering resources are available in 33 international countries as a part of our coverage. Choose from millions of numbers, all available in real-time and on-demand, from our industry-leading portal.

CHECKBOX, VoIP Carrier, Wholesale A-Z, CALL CENTER CARRIER - We provide VoIP connection specially for CALL CENTERS / MARKETING COMPANIES who needs High Stress / CPS routes, We have USA CC, Canada CC, Australia CC, China CC, UK CC and others, Direct Routes to many countries.

CallForwarding - Be present anywhere in the world with toll free forwarding services from CallForwarding.com.
- Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Forwarding Services, Automatic Call Distributor

Carrierx.us Provides FREE Toll Free Termination Service, Simply Signup for an account and start sending calls to number@carrierx.us If you do not register , You can still send these calls, but you will not be able to view the call logs.
  • CLID not delivered. Observed as 404-397-1969
  • Origination number observed as 404-397-1969
  • Incoming RTP comes from a different host, so this service does not play well with NAT (unless it has an RTP connection helper)

CircuitID provides high-quality Wholesale VoIP Termination, Origination, Toll-Free, and Microsoft Lync SIP Trunking services, at a low affordable cost. Experience carrier class quality, and savings benefits.

CommPeak offers wholesale VoIP origination services through geographical and toll-free telephone numbers to anyone who wishes to gain a local presence in remote locations worldwide without having to deal with establishing an actual POP. CommPeak relies on its global reach to provide Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers in numerous countries, including most major cities across the globe.

CommPeak's Voice Origination covers:

  • Voice Calls
  • Fax and Text messages from over 50 countries worldwide
  • Easily create multiple SIP acounts for all your users
  • Expansive voice origination coverage
  • Crystal clear call quality and SIP trunking
  • Highly competitive wholesale VoIP rates
  • Allows to combine origination with toll-free numbers

  • Smart Voice Network offering service to Carriers and Call Centers with unique ability to cap rates and manage sub accounts. VoIP Carrier with US & International Canada $.009 UK, France 0.0082,Mexico $0.009, China 0.0088 for domestic $.008 USA Termination and Origination, offers termination & origination for Mexico $0.009 per minute and DID's for $1.00__ per month all with unlimited channels / concurrent calls. Competitive High Quality NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. For calling cards, mobile dialer, Efax solution, Bulk SMS and white label for the best web conference we will host it for you and payment solution
Call us at 760-517-6724.
Email us: www.smartvoicenetwork@gmail.co.
Skype: william.shihata1

Conexiant Wholesale VoIP – direct connections to CLECs for best quality, inc. Level3.
  • Global Level 3 footprint Denver, LA, Hong Kong, China and Frankfurt, Germany
  • DIDs, Toll Free, E911 service, T.38,VoIP fax, quality termination and dedicated VoIP servers
  • DIDs per-channel or per-minute
  • Get paid for your toll-free traffic

DIDForSale provides high-quality
  • Wholesale VoIP Origination,
  • Toll-Free, and
  • Termination SIP Trunking services.
  • Unlimited Two Way SIP Trunking
  • Offers 11000+ rates center at the best price cost. Best products for Calling Card, Call Conference companies.

LIGA Telecom is an established Wholesale Aggregator of Retail Voice Traffic from Cable, Mobile and Retail Operators focused on recently deregulated and developing markets, normally considered risky. We are a PREMIUM international telecommunication carrier specializing in delivering ONLY high quality and stable VoIP Termination service at competitive wholesale rates to Retail Providers and Wholesale Carriers, since 2010.

LIGA Telecom’s offering includes:

  • End-to-end calling line identification (CLI-certified) transmission
  • Access to web-based tools for quality monitoring in real time
  • Transparency of ISUP signaling for roaming (OCN & RDN)
  • Transmission of 3G video telephony calls on a 64 kbps basis
  • Public & Private IP circuits - via SIP or H323 and Secure VPN tunnel
  • TDM circuits via SS7/C7 and ISDN
  • NO False Answer Supervision (FAS)

LIGA Telecom fights False Answer Supervision (FAS):

LIGA Telecom understands the critical importance of eliminating FAS in order to maintain high levels of call quality and customer satisfaction. Our stand is simple: we will not tolerate fraud on our network and are taking proactive measures to ensure that our partners support and work with us to achieve this goal.

IdeaSIP doesn't require registration for free Toll-Free.
  • CLID not delivered. Observed as 404-969-1488
  • Origination number observed as 720-279-3127
  • Fromdomain must be something other than proxy.ideasip.com (the proxy's IP address will work)

Flowroute Inc. Wholesale VoIP, A-Z SIP Termination, Cheap DIDs, Toll-Free Origination and Termination, Free CNAM Storage, E911, T.38 Fax support, SIP-TCP support, Redundant servers, Graph Statistics and great interface

Teliax has been providing wholesale termination and origination since 2004. Teliax's customers include other VoIP providers. Teliax also offers a unique Partner program for resellers wishing to offer VoIP services to their customers.

Fractel Full service Origination for Small Business, Enterprise and Wholesale. Local DIDs and LNP in 10,000 rate centers. 1M+ numbers available for instant provisioning. DIDs as low as $.25/mo., $.00125/min., unlimited channels. FREE CNAM dip on all inbound calls. FREE T.38. Low cost, bulletproof toll free featuring FREE RESPORG services. True 800 and vanity numbers available. Powerful, easy to use portal and API. E911, CNAM, LRN also available as data services. Awesome support.

Free03numbers.com is part of the Aloha Telecommunication Group of companies. A UK National Operator. Aloha is the operator. Not a reseller or transit provider. All numbers have been allocated to us by the regulator on our 500,000+ number pool. All interconnects are between us, other landline operators and mobile operators. All numbers are Free with Instant Activation and Setup!. We provide UK 03 numbers which are included in customers inclusive landline minutes or charged at a Landline rate (if a customer does not have any inclusive landline minutes). For high inbound customers who are Operators as defined by Ofcom standards can receive revenue on inbound calls.

All Numbers include:

  • Instant Setup/Activation
  • E164 CLI Delivery.
  • G711u/a (only)(we do not support G729.) (We only support national standards)
  • Unlimited Capacity (i.e unlimited concurrent calls. No channel limit)
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Online CDRs
  • Online Management Panel

NueSource IT SIP trunking, Connectivity options, Colocation and hosting. We have over 98% of North America's rate centers with CLI/CNAM (*not available in all areas) and T.38 fax support. 2 billing models to choose from - flat rate (per channel or virtual PRI) or per minute. TFNs and DIDs from over 60 countries worldwide. Contact us today or call us at 214-659-1519 and ask for Steve.

VOIP Service Provider in NYC,USA - Parcker Unified Communications a leading VOIP Service Provider Parcker Unified Communications located in NYC offering Wholesale and Retail VOIP Services , PBX Hosting, International Calling Cards @ lowest rates ever, Prepaid VOIP Services, e-Fax. Support Options either by Phone"T.1-855-OK-PARCKER", E-Mail "support@Parcker.com" Live Chat " https://parcker.com/UnifiedCommunications/l/chat.php " or Remote Control.Open Wholesale account, No Monthly Commitment required, all DIDs are Free, to Open Wholesale Account Visithttps://parcker.com/UnifiedCommunications/wholesale-1.html. All DIDs are Free, No Monthly Fee. PBX Host $34.99.

Sonic Communication is an wholesale VoIP Provider offering cost-effective and best quality wholesale VoIP termination. We offer high quality and low cost Wholesale VoIP Termination.
  • We have both call center routes and long duration direct routes. http://soniccommunication.com
  • USA, Canada, Dialer, Call Center, Business, Tier 1 Direct
  • Unlimited local & long distance calls within 48 US states

SIPmly offers termination & origination at $0.01 per minute and DID's for $1.00 per month all with unlimited channels / concurrent calls.

  • Origination Features
    • Nationwide CLEC footprint
    • 6,000+ rate centers serve up phone numbers (DIDs) virtually anywhere in the US
    • Automatic CNAM, Directory Listing, and LIDB
    • T.38 (Real-time Group 3 facsimile communication over IP)
    • SMS (Short Messaging Services)

Sign-up for a Free Trial account!

http://TelewaveNetworks.com (Wholesale Free Toll Free Provider)
  • Providing FREE TOLL FREE CALLS to the US.
  • No registration required
  • CLID delivered, perfect for US companies that want reduce costs but not quality of toll free calls.
  • Simply route your calls to 800, 866, 877, 888 toll free calls will be terminated completely FREE of charge.
  • SIP termination G711, G729
  • Vendors that have 500k per month of traffic, contact us to PAY YOU for your traffic.
  • Origination Observed as CLID.

Netfuse use a balance of high-quality national and international routes, ensuring calls are connected promptly, with crystal-clear audio, and consistent Caller ID.
We provide you the same functionality and reliability you've come to expect from traditional technologies, with the versatility and economy of IP telecoms.
Netfuse offer:
° Wholesale and retail SIP Origination
° High quality, reliable SIP trunking
° Wholesale and retail Global DIDs

Velocity VoIP Coverage of over 98% of all North American rate centers. T.38 Fax, CLI/CNAM support (*not available in all areas), hosted billing solution (using PortaOne), lowest cost per minute (rates starting at $.25/DID, $.0025/min). Ask us about our Free LNP. TFN RespOrg. We have 855 and now 844 vanity TFNs. Awesome and intuitive back office support. Contact us today or call us at 561-282-5502 and ask for Jason.

Vitelity For almost ten years Vitelity has been providing VoIP, Fax, SMS, and hosting services to tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Vitelity offers some of the lowest wholesale rates available; especially when you consider total cost of ownership.

VoiceStep Telecom VoiceStep Telecom is a wholesale VoIP provider offering origination throughout the USA and World as well as Competitive TF Origination. No commitment Level3 Origination Footprint (tier 1: 0.0015 per minute; tier 2/3: 0.0019 per minute)... contact us for flat rate channel pricing, sales@voicestep.com or 949.528.3000. Flat rate pricing as low as $4.00 per channel in certain markets.

Voxbeam Telecommunications INC, a wholesale origination and termination provider, provides DIDs in over 50 countries around the world at prices starting as low as $0.25 per number.
  • No per minute charges
  • Low monthly costs
  • Porting in over 30 countries
  • Sequential number blocks
  • Revenue sharing on some ranges
  • Easy-to-use DID Management Portal

VoIP Innovations High quality, low cost Wholesale VoIP Services

Voyced | Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services.

We are already present in over 60 countries with telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. Let us help you and get in touch now!

In the end it boils down to the fact that we supply any business with an award winning, commercial grade VoIP solution.
A telephony solution that would normally only be available to the big corporations and for a far lower price then you would think possible.

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