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What is VoIP Termination?

VoIP Termination is the process of routing a VoIP telephone call from one telephone service provider to another.

VoIP Termination Providers

Please list VoIP Termination providers here in alphabetical order.

  • Wholesale Voip Provider CLI & NON CLI Route provider. We are South Asia specialized over CLI & NCLI Destinations; we offer mostly BD NCLI,PAK NCLI,INDIA NCLI,NEPAL NCLI<& CLI Unlimited Dedicated port for a wholesale traffic, unlimited Inbound Traffic, contact E-mail & IM; sales@freewaretel.com Skype; freewaretel.
AJ-TEL Communications Network Group LLC is offering Wholesale Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination US / MEXICO - We provide high quality, dependable access to over 3100 rate centers and instant access to over 5,700,000 DIDs including T38 and local number portability. Wholesale SIP
  • Termination available to North America (US and Canada), All Mexico with the best rates possible ever, direct routes, standart & premium routes
  • Mexico DID Basis on 2 channels per Did or pay per channel or traffic. Our Best DID are all traffic included; we offer 30 Channels for a basic rent, unlimited Inbound Traffic.
  • Mexico 800 Numbers deliver directly to your sip system.
  • Guaranteed CLI delivery!
  • Downloadable call detail records (CDR)
  • Pay in any MX Bank or USA Citibank, Paypal or Bitcoins.

AKA Management Specializing in high capacity dialer and call center termination. High quality routes with rates as low as $0.0011/min to US destinations. Excellent support and speed of service. Customer portal login for easy access to daily CDRs. EMAIL US AT: sales@akamgt.com or CALL US TODAY: 307-459-2990.

Alcazar Networks Inc. is offering high quality and cost effective Wholesale VoIP Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination - Get paid for your toll free traffic! We provide dependable access to over 3100 rate centers and instant access to over 1,200,000 DIDs including T38 and local number portability. Wholesale SIP

CallForwarding - Be present anywhere in the world with toll free forwarding services from CallForwarding.com.
- Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Forwarding Services, Automatic Call Distributor

Carrierx.us Provides FREE Toll Free Termination Service, Simply Signup for an account and start sending calls to number@carrierx.us If you do not register , You can still send these calls, but you will not be able to view the call logs.
  • CLID not delivered. Observed as 404-397-1969
  • Origination number observed as 404-397-1969
  • Incoming RTP comes from a different host, so this service does not play well with NAT (unless it has an RTP connection helper)

CircuitID provides high-quality Wholesale VoIP Termination, Origination, Toll-Free, and Microsoft Lync SIP Trunking services, at a low affordable cost. Experience carrier class quality, and savings benefits.

CommPeak offers premium A-Z voice termination services to landline and mobile destinations worldwide. 1:1 Billing (60:60 only in Mexico), Free Trial with no commitment, highly redundant POPs guaranteeing highest ACD and ASR and Minimal rates on uninterrupted inbound and outbound calls.
We provide wholesale VoIP termination with CLI (Caller ID) to:
  • Call centers
  • VoIP providers
  • SMB's and enterprises
  • Independent software vendors
  • Calling card operators

Conexiant Telecom - Wholesale VoIP Termination – direct connections to CLECs for best quality, inc. Level3.
  • DIDs, Toll Free, E911 service, T.38, VoIP fax, quality Termination, dedicated VoIP servers and Hosted VoIP Billing
  • DIDs per-channel or per-minute - USA, Canada and 60+ countries
  • CLI, 411, CNAM, T38, Call forwarding
  • Global Level 3 footprint Denver, LA, Hong Kong, China and Frankfurt, Germany
  • Get paid for your toll-free traffic
  • A-Z International (200+ countries), Domestic, Dialer

http://www.dialerterminationonline.com Powered by VoIPInvite's carrier grade switching network with 4 redundant PoPs in the USA and 2 in Canada, we provide high quality, rapid connection Dialer VoIP Termination to contact centers using broadcast dialer software. Key features of our wholesale broadcast dialer outbound termination SIP trunk:
  • 99.999 network up time, 24x7 monitoring and trouble reporting
  • 100s of calls per second (CPS) on a single IP interconnect
  • Redundancy with 10s of licensed Tier level Telecoms in the USA connected to our PoPs
  • High quality network with high ASR and low PDD stats
  • Wholesale npa nxx rate deck starting from $0.00105
  • Custom configuration to hit clients' sweet spot in terms of average cost per minute and maximum penetration

LIGA Telecom is an established Wholesale Aggregator of Retail Voice Traffic from Cable, Mobile and Retail Operators focused on recently deregulated and developing markets, normally considered risky. We are a PREMIUM international telecommunication carrier specializing in delivering ONLY high quality and stable VoIP Termination service at competitive wholesale rates to Retail Providers and Wholesale Carriers, since 2010.

LIGA Telecom’s offering includes:

  • End-to-end calling line identification (CLI-certified) transmission
  • Access to web-based tools for quality monitoring in real time
  • Transparency of ISUP signaling for roaming (OCN & RDN)
  • Transmission of 3G video telephony calls on a 64 kbps basis
  • Public & Private IP circuits - via SIP or H323 and Secure VPN tunnel
  • TDM circuits via SS7/C7 and ISDN
  • NO False Answer Supervision (FAS)

LIGA Telecom fights False Answer Supervision (FAS):

LIGA Telecom understands the critical importance of eliminating FAS in order to maintain high levels of call quality and customer satisfaction. Our stand is simple: we will not tolerate fraud on our network and are taking proactive measures to ensure that our partners support and work with us to achieve this goal.

eBestPhone Communications LLC offers highly competitive rates to many international destinations. Our focus on Latin America offers excellent quality, low cost solutions such as Mexico per minute rates of $0.0296 & $0.1039 for fixed & wireless, respectively. No monthly commitments or service charges. Prepaid access for new accounts. Accepting payments by wire, ACH and Paypal. Open your account today and start sending calls immediately! Email sales@ebestphone.com or call 919-763-3030 for more information.

IdeaSIP doesn't require registration for free Toll-Free.
  • CLID not delivered. Observed as 404-969-1488
  • Origination number observed as 720-279-3127
  • Fromdomain must be something other than proxy.ideasip.com (the proxy's IP address will work)

Flowroute LLC Wholesale VoIP, A-Z SIP Termination, Cheap DIDs, Toll-Free Origination and Termination, Free CNAM Storage, E911, T.38 Fax support, SIP-TCP support, Redundant servers, Graph Statistics and great interface

Fractel Full service Termination for Small Business, Enterprise and Wholesale. One source for 20+ carriers, 50K+ A-Z routes, 500K+ routes worldwide, all Gold, all CLI, all DTMF. G729 or G711. Great rates. Fraud protection. Powerful, easy to use portal and API. Dialer friendly routes available. E911, CNAM, LRN also available as data services. Awesome support. 100% SLA. Free test account.

KOM-1 A-to-Z SIP termination with major focus on routes to LATIN AMERICA and EUROPE. We only work with high quality calls. We have POPs in Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, USA & Denmark. G711, G729, T.38 Support. Email: e@kom-1.com.

° Wholesale A-Z SIP termination with a focus on Europe
° excellent quality; G711, T.38 support
° CLID delivered.

NueSource IT Lowest USA termination, great A-Z routes/rates, over 50% ASR, over 3 min ACD, T.38 support, awesome hardware/software support. We support transcoding and signaling conversion (SIP, IAX, H.323). Contact Steven at 817-786-3100 or Toll Free - 1-888-778-8505. Need to talk to Steven right away? You can call him at 214-659-1519.

Teliax has been providing wholesale termination and origination since 2004. Teliax's customers include other VoIP providers. Teliax also offers a unique Partner program for resellers wishing to offer VoIP services to their customers.

Smart Voice Network offering service to Carriers and Call Centers with unique ability to cap rates and manage sub accounts. VoIP Carrier with US & International Termination and Origination. Competitive High Quality NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. For calling cards, mobile dialer, Efax solution, Bulk SMS and white label for the best web conference we will host it for you and payment solution Call us at 760-517-6724.

Netfuse use a balance of high-quality national and international routes, ensuring calls are connected promptly, with crystal-clear audio, and consistent Caller ID.
We provide you the same functionality and reliability you've come to expect from traditional technologies, with the versatility and economy of IP telecoms.
Netfuse offer:
° Wholesale and retail SIP Termination
° High quality, reliable SIP Trunking

Optima Saver
'Optima Saver' is a popular bandwidth optimization service for VOIP traders. This service is introduced by ImproLabs Pte Ltd, a Singapore based IT & communications solutions Company. Optima Saver can run upto 5 times more calls.
  • Reduces bandwidth usage for VOIP call termination upto 80%.
  • Supports major audio codecs.
  • Works with all major SIP termination gateways.
  • Full featured web based platform is integrated.
  • Compatible with different kinds of internet networks.
  • Compatible with public, private, static, DHCP networks.
  • It helps to by-pass voice port blocking problem.
  • Works from behind the NAT and firewall.

Race Communications Making advanced communications available and affordable

http://TelewaveNetworks.com (Wholesale Free Toll Free Provider)
  • Providing FREE TOLL FREE CALLS to the US.
  • No registration required
  • CLID delivered, perfect for US companies that want reduce costs but not quality of toll free calls.
  • Simply route your calls to 800, 866, 877, 888 toll free calls will be terminated completely FREE of charge.
  • SIP termination G711, G729
  • Vendors that have 500k per month of traffic, contact us to PAY YOU for your traffic.
  • Origination Observed as CLID.

What SIPRoutes is offering is a true window on the VoIP world, but with the controls to do a lot more than open and shut to avoid a draft. As a cloud-based carriers’ carrier, SIPRoutes offers space and access in effect, the best of the hardware guys who make least cost routing and enhancements over other Least Cost Routing service providers using a Software-as- a-Service model.”
  • SIP Termination Least Cost Routing UI
  • Access to over 40 US and A-Z international facility based providers directly
  • Trouble Management, analytical, & audit tools

  • VoIP Termination Services: A-Z termination, VoIP Wholesale, VoIP Retail, Premium VoIP, CLI VoIP, SMS Services
  • Software platform for VoIP termination: MediaCore Softswitch with integrated billing, codec&protocol converter, revenue assurance system, SBC functionality.
  • Available for buying, renting, hosting.
  • Free trainings, free release updates, free trial period.

TelePacket--Specialized in Bandwidth Optimizer

TelePacket provides high quality software solutions to the IP Communications industry. Our flagship product, TP Optimizer helps IP voice termination service providers to save on bandwidth costs, thereby improving the margins in their business. It provides relief from the issues of high bandwidth cost and SIP blockage. A point-to-point software platform, TP Optimizer, enhances the overhead of media packet using TelePacket’s proprietary protocol.

Features of TP Optimizer

  • Low bandwidth consumption
  • Enhances the voice quality providing superior customer experience, better ACD & ASR
  • No static IP required & works behind NAT
  • Works with any standard USB Dongle
  • Works with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
  • Supports all standard VoIP codecs
  • Bypasses all types of firewalls and penetrates any kind of blockage
  • Multiple ISP support to improve ACD & total call capacity
  • Works with Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G internet
  • Customized portal to manage call details & gateways

For more info, join us on
  • Skype- marketing_telepacket
  • Email-marketing@telepacket.com
  • Mobile number- +13217107257

Teleinx Specializing in wholesale Carrier and Call Center VoIP termination. Offering a high performance, low cost USA and Canada termination. Additionally we offer a full A-Z termination. Contact us today, we can set up your account in minutes and provide you with the capacity you need for your growing business. Paid toll free termination, LRN look up and other carrier services available.

Telnyx offering service to Carriers and Call Centers with unique ability to cap rates and manage sub accounts. VoIP Carrier with US & International Termination and Origination. Competitive High Quality NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. Call us at 312.945.7420.

Velocity VoIP Wholesale termination and origination. CLI with CNAM (*not available in all rate centers),T.38 Fax support, Self Service web administration through comprehensive and intuitive interface. Hosted billing platform (PortaOne), International DIDs, and even private peering connectivity. Contact us today or call 561-282-5502 to speak with Jason.

Vida Network (Wholesale A-Z termination Provider)
  • High quality A-Z wholesale termination to route your calls to anywhere in the world.
  • USA, Canada Origination Observed as CLID.
  • Pre-pay account setup, call us at 1-732-438-0881 x2270 or email us at: info@vidanetwork.net

Vitelity For almost ten years Vitelity has been providing VoIP, Fax, SMS, and hosting services to tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Vitelity offers some of the lowest wholesale rates available; especially when you consider total cost of ownership.

VoIP Innovations provides reliable and fully-redundant, carrier-grade Wholesale VoIP Termination on the industry's most extensive voice network. Our outbound service, which currently supports G.711 and G.729 codecs, allows you to take full advantage of the best available call quality and pricing. VoIP Innovations' enhanced SIP Termination solution enable enhanced IP service providers to offer:
  • Domestic (Long duration, 6-Digit, Includes LRN Dip)
  • International (A to Z, Includes fraud protection)
  • Dialer (Short duration, 6-digit, billed by dialed number)
  • T38 (Fax, 6-digit, Includes LRN Dip)
  • Toll-Free (Included Free)
  • Failover Services, Rate Deck Management, Real-Time Data, Reports, and Downloadable CDRs

VoIPInvite Inc VoIP Service Provider supporting SIP and H323 protocol for wholesale outbound termination to USA and Canada. $0.005x flat rates for retail calls $0.007x for predictive dialer / telemarketing calls with 6/6 billing. No fees / extra taxes, no Intrastate surcharges, no LNP dipped surprise charges, 1 npa nxx 1 rate or flat rate. Wholesale VoIP made easy and simple. POPs in USA and Canada. Like us on facebook -> http://www.facebook.com/pages/VoIPInvite-Inc/268363667785 Added on 01/01/2012.

Voxbeam Telecommunications INC As an expert in VoIP and one of the world’s leading international minutes carriers, Voxbeam Telecommunications provides high quality A-Z termination and DIDs from over 50 countries at highly competitive rates. Voxbeam is directly interconnected with over 500 of the world’s leading direct and Tier 1 carriers and offers three service levels (Direct, Premium, and Standard) to meet the price and quality levels required by carriers, calling card companies, VoBB providers, call shops, and other companies wishing to outsource their international call termination and origination facilities.

RoboDialer VoIP VoIP Service Provider SIP for wholesale outbound termination to USA and Canada. Designed for predictive dialer and telemarketing calls,Call Centers. Encrypted VoIP Tunnel to bypass firewalls. No fees / extra taxes,Pay Per Call, No Contracts RoboDialer.net

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