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VoiceXML is used to create IVR applications in PBX solutions and other applications.

From the W3C Candidate Recommendation document:

VoiceXML is designed for creating audio dialogs that feature synthesized speech, digitized audio, recognition of spoken and DTMF key input, recording of spoken input, telephony, and mixed initiative conversations. Its major goal is to bring the advantages of web-based development and content delivery to interactive voice response applications.

Hello World example :
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version = "2.0" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/vxml">
<block>Hello world!</block>

See Also

VoiceXML Standard links:

VoiceXML Developer sites:

VoiceXML Platform links:

VoiceXML Hosting links:

VoiceXML Development and Hosting in any country

  • i6net provides VoiceXML applications developement and hosting - VXI* platforms interfaced to PSTN/VoIP (in different countries). support video (VOIP, TDM, 3G-h324m)

VoiceXML Hosting in Germany:

VoiceXML Hosting in Brazil:

  • LocawebTelecom offers hosting solutions for VoiceXML applications in Brazil.

VoiceXML Hosting in Australia and the United Kingdom:

  • Delacon UK or Delacon Australia offers hosting solutions for VoiceXML - Touchtone and Speech Recognition based applications on a Nuance and Asterisk platform using either Dialogic/VOIP/SIP or IAX.
  • I-Net UK London based I-Net communications is a fully converged 21 CN operator providing PSTN and IP based telephony services to a broad customer base, ranging from blue chip organisations, call centres, VoiceXML.

VoiceXML Development and Hosting in the United Kingdom

  • 2PM Technologies Ltd. provides VoiceXML applications developement and hosting - Multi-vendor VXML platforms interfaced to PSTN/VoIP by redundant Asterisk Servers
  • Axel Micro Inc. provides VoiceXML/web/VOIP applications developement and hosting, and also offers IP PBX/Asterisk installation service.

Interesting VoiceXML Resources

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