Web Conferencing

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Web conferencing is the process of using an Internet connection to conference with one or more people simultaneously through audio or video.

Web Conferencing Providers

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  • Collaboration Solutions Spectranet offering Audio & Video Conferencing solutions and the most innovative Hosted Messaging services.
  • CosmoConf developed in WebRTC & FreeSWITCH is a unified conferencing solution to conduct conferences, meetings, demo, presentations, etc. remotely worldwide.
  • Cisco - Cisco Unified Collaboration Solutions provides all aspects of communication including phone and video conferencing over the web.
  • Google Talk - Google Talk provides web conferencing for free
  • Skype - Skype is the online, free leader of video and web conferencing.
  • PhastCloud - PhastCloud is an easy to use telephony service that uses call-out to quickly conference two or more users. You simply enter your number once and add as many participants as you like. The system then calls them all and places them in your Cloud. voip-info.org users can use trial code V-INFO to sign up for 30 days of unlimited conferencing (US 48).
  • Smart Voice Network AVIDO delivers a truly all-in-one web conferencing solution for all your organization-wide online communication needs. Web conferencing usage can vary widely, depending on business necessities, daily fluctuations in application requirements, and even personal preferences. Using AVIDO as your communication medium offers you easily accessible solutions to any communication challenge – whenever or wherever they arise.
  • Voxeet - Voxeet is a free HD web conferencing software with 3D audio and immersive sound.

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