HUGE Live And Potential Traffic For Following Non Cli Routes

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HUGE Live And Potential Traffic For Following Non Cli Routes

Posted:Fri 02 of Dec, 2016 (09:58 UTC)
Urgently Needed Following Non Cli Routes For Huge Potential & LIVE Traffic :

Afghan Mobile Etisalat--->20k(LIVE)
Afghan Mobile Roshan--->15k(LIVE)
Algeria Mobile All--->15k (LIVE)
Azerbaijan Mobile All--->20k
Burundi All--->30k
Cameroon Mobile MTN & Orange--->25k(LIVE)
Chad Mobile Millicom--->75k(LIVE)
Cuba All--->50k(NEED STABLE ROUTE)
Ethiopia All--->15k
Egypt Mobile All---30k (wholesale)
Egypt Mobile All---5k (Retail)
Gabon Mobile All--->10k
Gambia All--->12k
Georgia All--->15k
Ghana Mobile All--->35k
Guatemala Mobile All--->40k
Haiti Mobile All--->10k
Honduras Mobile All--->10k
Kuwait All--->20k
Lebanon Mobile All--->20k
Libya Mobile All--->10k(LIVE)
Libria Mobile All--->15k
Madagascar Mobile All--->5k(LIVE)
Malawi Mobile All--->25k
Mali Mobile All--->20k
Mauritania Mobile All--->8k
Moldova Mobile Orange--->10k
Monaco Mobile Kfor--->9k
Morocco Mobile All--->20k(LIVE)
Mozambique Mobile All--->30k
Nicaragua Mobile Movistar & Claro--->20k(LIVE)
Niger Mobile All--->60k+(LIVE)
Qatar All--->30k
Saudi All--->15k(LIVE)
Senegal Mobile All->25k
South Sudan Mobile Mtn & Vivacell--->15k(LIVE)
Sudan Mobile All--->16k (LIVE)
Tunisia All-->30k(LIVE)
Yemen All--->50k (LIVE)(100% PURE RETAIL)
Zambia Mobile All--->9k

We are always professional for Partnership approach. If you have stable Non Cli routes with good statistics and quality, please directly contact with me.
Providers Contact With Us Via Skype or Send Your Offer to
Routes must be Stable & -->>FAS FREE<<--
Early response will be highly appreciated.

Contact Me For Traffic.