phones cannot connect ,they can ring each other when at [email protected]

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phones cannot connect ,they can ring each other when at [email protected]

Posted:Tue 28 of Feb, 2006 (09:37 UTC)
Hi all
I have a new problem ,i hope that some one has some solutions

the PBX server is running [email protected] the sip listening port is 8891 on the server
the SIP phones registered in the server can ring other SIP phones registered at the same server but when the phone is picked up nothing can be heard i.e media transfer dosent occur between two phones,
the asteriskathome server says that it is attenpting a native bridge between two servers but no media transfer occurs ,

Interestingly when the server and phones are on same Lan things go perfect i.e no problem occurs ,but when the server is given a Live IP given to me by ISP then phones cannot talk ,they can just ring ,each other

The two Phones are on a same LAN and can connect to any IP of the world by the given gateway
The two phones work perfect when the server (located far away on the internet) is running normal asterisk in ,but when the server is running [email protected] then phones can just ring each other ,cannot talk