RasPBX Free Default SIP Trunk

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Re: RasPBX Free Default SIP Trunk

Posted:Thu 12 of Oct, 2017 (13:03 UTC)
FreePBX is nice, used to be better but this move is a little too presumptuous for me.
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RasPBX Free Default SIP Trunk

Posted:Fri 10 of Feb, 2017 (19:41 UTC)
Did you set up RasPBX with the latest image? All newer images from 2017 and later ship with a default trunk included, provided by Star Communication. Use the default Starcom SIP trunk to dial toll-free numbers in the U.S. for free. Use your SIP capable phone and connect to this extension. You are ready to call U.S. based toll-free numbers in international format, using the +1 prefix (+1800xxxxxxx, +1844xxxxxxx, +1855xxxxxxx, +1866xxxxxxx, +1877xxxxxxx, +1888xxxxxxx). Visit the RasPBS website for more information

If you enjoy the call quality, be sure to check out other VoIP services Star Communication offers.

RasPBX is an open-source project that maintains a complete install of Asterisk and FreePBX for the industry changing Raspberry Pi. Check their download page for the latest RasPBX image.