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How to: windows printer, file sharing, AMP won't answer up.

Posted:Tue 14 of Mar, 2006 (21:42 UTC)
Three install questions:
(1) AMP use to come up on my windows systerm using Internet Exporer, but for some reason it won't respons now. I have restarted everything at least once and rebuilt some things. The right processes seem to be running in the Linux box. What is wrong? Do I have to rebuild the entire [email protected] system from scratch?
(2) What is the easiest way to accomplish file transfers between my windows 2k system and the [email protected] box?

(3) What is the easiest way to print files on the [email protected] box to a printer attached to a windows computer.

All computers are on the same subnet but [email protected] is not a member of the domain.

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!