Seems to lose IP packages

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Seems to lose IP packages

Posted:Fri 24 of Mar, 2006 (00:37 UTC)
I picked up one of these toys from eBay as well, and upgraded it to firmware WV.00.03.

Dit put the following in the Asterisk sip.conf file:





Did put the following in the Asterisk extensions.conf file:

exten => 1,1,Dial(SIP/1_zyxel/1_zyxel,60,r)

exten => 2,1,Dial(SIP/2/2,60,r)


exten => _Z.,1,SetCallerID(31264460839)
exten => _Z.,2,Dial(SIP/31264460839/${EXTEN})

Single digits are extensions, multiple digits are external phone numbers that I dial through a Sipura 3000. I would have liked to use a 1 digit extension number in the Zyxel, but that was not allowed. Therefore I did add the _zyxel suffix.

I have noticed the following problems:

1) Works reasonably well for outgoing calls, but incoming calls are troublesome. Incoming calls have the best chance of getting through just after finishing an outgoing call;

2) The web configuration is not working well. My web browser regulary times out retrieving the configuration pages. It seems to improve if one starts making calls during configuration;

3) The battery was making bad contact. I had to put a toothpick in the battery compartment to press the battery better against it's contacts.

I suspect that these problems are caused by a battery saving algorithm in the software. In DECT phones it is common that the radio receiver is not listening continuesly. The handset is in some kind of sleep mode during which the radio receiver listens only for a fraction of the time to the air interface. Since pagings for call set-ups are repeated, one paging request will finally come through. Then the handset wakes up and starts listening continuesly, so being able to handle the call. After the call has finished, the handset is put in sleep mode again. That way the handset improves it's standby time. Having designed DECT phones myself, I know that tuning these battery saving algorithms can be difficult. I the receiver sleeps to long, incoming calls get losts. If it sleeps not long enough the standby time is bad.

I suspect that Zyxel is having problems here as well. If one wakes up the handset by making a call, the web configuration works better. And when the call is finished it takes some time before the reciever is put to sleep again. During this time incoming calls get through without problems.

I think this phone is still a prototype. All these problems give me a deja-vu feeling from the time I was working on DECT.