UK Caller ID on X100P

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UK Caller ID on X100P

Posted:Mon 27 of Mar, 2006 (13:40 UTC)
Hi Can anyone help me ?

I have asterisk 1.2.5 running with the UK Caller ID patch. I have Caller ID enabled on my phone line.

My Zapata.conf :

channel => 1

I am getting the following error when running asterisk and making a call

Mar 27 14:13:12 DEBUG[7521]: chan_zap.c:5829 ss_thread: Using history buffer to extract caller ID
Mar 27 14:13:12 ERROR[7521]: chan_zap.c:5837 ss_thread: zt_get_history failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
    -- Executing Wait("Zap/1-1", "10") in new stack
Mar 27 14:13:12 DEBUG[7521]: chan_zap.c:4364 __zt_exception: Exception on 20, channel 1
Mar 27 14:13:12 DEBUG[7521]: chan_zap.c:3547 zt_handle_event: Got event Ring/Answered(2) on channel 1 (index 0)
Mar 27 14:13:12 DEBUG[7521]: chan_zap.c:3899 zt_handle_event: Setting IDLE polarity due to ring. Old polarity was 0        

Any ideas on what I need to do to get CallerID working correctly ?

Thanks Avron