Understanding the components of IP PBX

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Understanding the components of IP PBX

Posted:Sat 17 of Jun, 2017 (05:09 UTC)
Hi, I'm new to the field of VoIP and IP PBX and I've been studying up on the topic. I'm trying to implement a VoIP system for a home (simple application with just one phone and an existing network switch) and I'm trying to get it done with the minimum amount of hardware requirement. However, I've been having trouble understanding what goes into the system. Some of the questions I have include:
1) If I connect a VoIP phone directly and only to my ethernet switch with no IP PBX, I would not be able to make calls on the main domestic POTS line, correct?

2) I've read that there are both hardware and software IP PBX systems. With software IP PBX I understand I need is a server to run the software, the VoIP phone. Would I also need an VoIP gateway for this?

3) What would I need for a hardware IP PBX system? Is the gateway and server functionality taken care of by the IP PBX itself?

4) Could anyone provide any good material I could read up on that would provide me with a good understanding of the above?

I apologize if any of these questions seem silly. Again, I am still trying to understand what goes into this.system.