Cisco 7942 and 62 working with Switchvox

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Cisco 7942 and 62 working with Switchvox

Posted:Mon 19 of Jun, 2017 (21:33 UTC)
I am trying to get a Cisco 7942 and 7962 working with Switchvox. I have confirmed that my network settings and the server are setup correctly. However, I get this message from the server when trying to troubleshoot connection issues with these phones: "This phone is not responding to SIP OPTIONS requests and may not be supported by the system. If you are certain that this phone is supported, please contact technical support."

I have been following the information from a ton of websites, mostly dealing with the 79x1 series, which are java based like the 79x2s. Outside of hardware, I'm not aware of any major differences. Correct me if I'm wrong.

These are the most relevant links I've found.


Any help would be appreciated.