Cisco 3905 can call sometimes, sometimes not.

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Re: Cisco 3905 can call sometimes, sometimes not.

Posted:Thu 14 of Sep, 2017 (15:38 UTC)
It sounds like you have a problem with the route configuration, and not with the actual hard phone.
I'm not sure if we can solve such problem over a forum without knowing the technology u r using.
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Cisco 3905 can call sometimes, sometimes not.

Posted:Tue 20 of Jun, 2017 (14:51 UTC)

I am fairly new to VoIP. I have a cisco 3905 Phone and a Mitel 470 and I want to register the Cisco 3905 as a SIP phone.

What works:
>Retrieving the configuration XML file from the ftp server
>registering the phone on the Mitel 470

However, when the phone registers, there are two situations

1) The phone goes through the registration process relatively quickly (maybe 10 seconds). It is shown as registered both on the phone and on the PBX, but I cannot make or receive calls

2) The registration takes over a minute. Usually, if the phone does not work, I unplug it and plug it in, this happens. However, then the phone is able to receive and make calls.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone have an idea what could be the culprit?