Best solution/provider for international calls/call redirects

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Re: Best solution/provider for international calls/call redirects

Posted:Thu 14 of Sep, 2017 (15:05 UTC)
Dear Jochen,
I would recommend to have you own user friendly server (cloud pbx) , that way you'll be able to unfold your phones system (or cellphone) , using your numbers anywhere in the world , able to call / chat / video call globally with ridiculously low costs. and with today's competition I find it hard to believe that you will get bad lines from anyone (worst care scenario you can always switch/add provider).
feel free to call me to consult and get a quick tutorial on the VoIP industry ;
(it's free =] )
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Best solution/provider for international calls/call redirects

Posted:Fri 08 of Sep, 2017 (21:25 UTC)
Hey there,

no idea if I am right in this forum since I don't know much about voip telephony besides using Skype. ;-)

I am moving my freelance business from Germany to Australia and I am looking for the best way to talk to my mainly Germany/Switzerland based clients with the best possible call quality.

Furthermore I would prefer if I could keep a local (German) number for my clients to call that is automatically redirected to Australia.

Since good communication is crucial to my business success I am not looking for the cheapest option but for the best (that is still affordable for an individual).

It would be great if you could share your thoughts on my problem or maybe just point me into the right direction.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your support.