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Posted:Thu 13 of Apr, 2006 (07:59 UTC)
If you use NuFone you'll find you have to edit iax.conf each time you visit the trunk via AMP because the context for both peer & user must be the same (NuFone). I thought these were just descriptive contexts but apparently they're not? Tested using AAH method and by editing iax.conf. A visit to the trunk config in AMP broke the config. To fix, I had to edit iax.conf manually.

To avoid this edit /var/www/html/admin/common/script.js.php

Find the function checkTrunk and make the following change:
} else if ($channelid == $usercontext) {
//< ? php echo "alert('"._("Trunk Name and User Context cannot be set to the same value")."')"?>;
//Yes, you can have the same name for Trunk & User Context
theForm.action.value = action;
} else {