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Help with Context

Posted:Fri 14 of Apr, 2006 (13:18 UTC)
I am using asterisk@home 2.8 beta. I have one PSTN line coming in on a X100P with 2 telephone numbers one of which is on a distinctive ring. I also have a VOIP for incoming on another trunk. What I am trying to do is get the 3 different incoming numbers to go to 3 different extensions and voicemail. I have already figured out the distinctive ring part with this in the zapata.conf


The logs tell me it is recognizing the "ministry" context. I just don't know where to put the "ministry" context and what to put it in it to route these calls to a seperate extension. Nor do I know how to split the VOIP incoming from the PSTN incoming. They both seem to be using the "from-pstn" context. I think I can do the VOIP using DID for an incoming route. Can I fake an incoming route in the distinctive ring context.

Any help would be appreciated