Thanks for your efforts!

Comment on Asterisk Sipura-3000 Assistant

Thanks for your efforts!

Posted:Thu 11 of Nov, 2004 (20:09 UTC)
I just sent this email off, hope it helps your situation.


I am building an Asterisk server on OS X and came across this which convinced me to purchase one of your Sipura-3000 devices. I then found this: which was not very encouraging. While I am confidant that I can get the system working with manual configuration, it will cost me time (and thus money) that would not be required if you would just cooperate with this project. They have made the effort to ease the install and config of Asterisk for folks not technical enough or to busy to build their own from source and seem to be offering to make your hardware device a low effort choice that will suit anyone with a home/SOHO existing phone setup (like me). This seems to be at almost no cost to you. While I will probably still buy your product, I will be aware throughout the config process that it is your lack of even minimal effort that is costing me the time it takes. Obviously you will also be losing less technical customers who will look to the Assistant configured hardware devices that are sure to develop. Please reconsider your decision not to provide a unit (even on a loaner basis) to this project so that they may enhance your sales prospects. If my system install goes smoothly I may even buy one and send it to them for you in the spirit of giving back to a free project that provides real benefits.

Chris Pyle
sipura|AT|chrispyle DOTcom