WebRTC Client Solution for Enterprises

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WebRTC Client Solution for Enterprises

Posted:Wed 11 of Oct, 2017 (11:29 UTC)
WebRTC client solution by Freeswitch service enables video conferencing, file transfer, chat, or desktop sharing to share data without internal or external plugins. You can run WebRTC client solution on any platform or OS using a WebRTC-enabled browser. They do not require plug-ins for installation and operation. We also offer enhanced customer support for the web to call solution and other aspects of WebRTC domain.

Features of WebRTC Client Software :

-Screen Sharing
-Video and Audio Calling
-Data including files and images Sharing

to know how we can help you. Contact us on below details

Shoot an Email on : sales@ecosmob.com

Call on : +1-303-997-3139

or Visit : https://www.freeswitchservice.com/webrtcclientsoftware