IP PBX Solution by Freeswitch service

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IP PBX Solution by Freeswitch service

Posted:Wed 06 of Dec, 2017 (13:30 UTC)
IP PBX Solution provided by Freeswitchservice is easy to integrate with the existing PSTN network as the solution is compatible with various communication-related systems. The FreeSWITCH-based IP PBX can offer a great mobility to your organization while establishing more versatile long distance communication using the VoIP gateways and an Intranet like LAN or WAN.

Key benefits of IP PBX Solution :

Compatibility among different SIP systems
Easy up-gradation and customization
Ease in extension of lines
Better customer support and better productivity

We offer high-quality FreeSWITCH IP PBX Solution with all the desired features and at competitive rates. Our IP PBX solutions are supported by our 24/7 technical assistance and modification support.

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