Setup for Twilio numbers

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Re: Setup for Twilio numbers

Posted:Mon 29 of Jan, 2018 (14:37 UTC)
Why do you have DIDs at twilio? how do you use them?

(you can definitely contact me for any VoIP related/Blockchain assistance)
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Setup for Twilio numbers

Posted:Mon 01 of Jan, 2018 (00:40 UTC)
I have a couple of numbers on Twilio that I would like to use for in and outbound telephony with a softphone and/or with a VoIP phone, eg. Gigaset, Grandstream.

I DO NOT want these numbers forwarded to my land line or to my cell phone. I understand that I will need a SIP registrar server, and that OpenSIPs is one option. Whatelse will I need? Does FreePBX act like a SIP registrar as well? Can anyone please shed some light as to what software is needed?

A powerful server belongs to my assets. I am also open to offers from experts that are willing to make this work for me.