Asterisk Sphinx Festival Speech Recog. tts

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Joined: Mon 14 of Aug, 2006

Asterisk Sphinx Festival Speech Recog. tts

Posted:Mon 14 of Aug, 2006 (09:40 UTC)
This is a project, where you maintain, troubleshoot, and develop an existing web business. The term will be for 3 months and may be renewed. Your duties for this project include advanced knowledge of the below:

1. asterisk
2. sphinx perl (speech recognition opensource)
3. mysql
4. festival (speech software, opensource)
5. java
6. fastagi / agi-bin / agi scripting
7. linux
8. ivr (intelligent voice response)
9. tts (text to speech)
10. voip providers (iax connections)
11. subversion
12. All on a Linux Platform and PHP

Please be advanced in the above or do not bid. You must have 8 hours a day to devote to this project. You will be enhancing an asterisk based system, such as fine-tuning speech recognition and organizing data. You will also be connecting to payment gateways.