Local Outbound Calling in Dialplan

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Re: Local Outbound Calling in Dialplan

Posted:Sun 03 of Dec, 2006 (06:08 UTC)
Someone already has a very comprehensive list up, in a versatile Asterisk dialplan format:


One thing missing is local pricing zones, that would be an AMAZING contribution for those operating networks using distributed PSTN gateway nodes.
There's probably holes in it too, to be sought out.
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Local Outbound Calling in Dialplan

Posted:Mon 09 of Oct, 2006 (17:57 UTC)
I work for a company that specializes in providing acurate local calling data for the telecommunications industry. If we could provide data on the specific area code and prefix combinations that are local to your area in a format that could be easily loaded to the Asterisk Dialplan, as well as maintain this data as it changes, would this have any value to anyone?