I keep getting the error : No such channel

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I keep getting the error : No such channel

Posted:Mon 18 of Dec, 2006 (16:52 UTC)
Hi everyone,

I am getting more frustrated with this command. I am using the AbsoluteTimeout action to disconnect a call established with the Originate action.

The problem is that I keep getting the "No such channel" error. I am using something similar to:

ACTION: Originate
Channel: SIP/my_sip_provider/A_side_phone_number
Exten: SIP/my_sip_provider/B_side_phone_number
Priority: 1
Timeout: 30000
Context: default

Then, I have used the event received from the manager to catch the first one. Fortunately, it was always like:

Event: Newchannel
Channel: SIP/my_sip_provider-ed81002fa
State: Down
Uniqueid: 56312411231.123

As you can see, the channel name that has been created by asterisk for this call was: SIP/my_sip_provider-ed81002fa

So I have extracted that name and displayed it to make sure that I had the correct value. Then, I have initiated an AbsoluteTimeout using the following code :

ACTION: AbsoluteTimeout
Channel: SIP/my_sip_provider-ed81002fa
Timeout: 30

But the response to that action is always "Error : No such channel"

Can anyone help me please.


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