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Posted:Thu 15 of Feb, 2007 (04:52 UTC)
Mandriva zaptel compilation (Mandriva >= 2006, zaptel >= 1.2)

As mentionned Latre, if you get something like "FATAL: Module zaptel not found" when you modprobe zaptel and if you get your zaptel modules installed into a directory like /lib/modules/2.6.XX-XXmdvcustom/misc/ instead of /lib/modules/2.6.XX-XXmdv/misc/, you have to remove the "custom" into the following files :
/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/Makefile
/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/include/linux/version.h

Latre, thanks *A LOT* for this solution.

For some last Mandriva versions (eg : 2007), you also need to apply the same change to
/usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/.kernelrelease

After this, you may recompile zaptel :
make clean
make (make is OK, make26 seems to be useless for recent zaptel versions)
make install
make config (to add zaptel startup script /etc/init.d/zaptel)

Good luck for your installation.