click-to-dial - I did it

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click-to-dial - I did it

Posted:Fri 27 of Apr, 2007 (00:46 UTC)
I wrote some php scripts and connexted the diaplan to a mysql database and Cepstral TTS.

When I dial John (5646) the script looks up the database and gives the choices via TTS to the dialing person (e.g. 1 for John Smith, 2 for John Muller etc.).
The User then presses e.g. 1 for John Smith. Then he gets the following choices: 1 for mobile numer, 2 for fixed line numer and 3 for other). Then he presses e.g. 1 and the mobile number of John Smith is dialed.

If anyone is interested, I can post the solution, but it's quite a lot of work to do.

This works with all phones connected to the asterisk.