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Joined: Fri 04 of May, 2007 Asterisk manual needs an update

Posted:Fri 04 of May, 2007 (21:08 UTC)
As of 5/21/07 there seems to be some issues with their g729 support.
You should definitely make sure this is not an issue for you prior to
buying bulk minutes. g711 seems to work fine but in a higher call
volume where g729 would be preferable, especially in a SOHO/SMB
environment with multiple outbound channels over DSL, this could
be an issue (it is/was for us). I will update this if it changes.

A couple of minor issues with setting up via their online pdf for Asterisk 1.4.0

Before I go on, I have to say that this was my experience and I am no expert at this. That being said, here goes.

If you have a basic install of Asterisk 1.4.0 (haven't tried it on earlier or later) then the online manual linked to above works with a few small tweaks.

in extensions.conf:
in the global section of extensions.conf you will need to change:
or just put SIP/ in front of ${SIPTRUNK} wherever you use it in the Dial command.

The second minor issue is small but caused me some headaches:
In the pdf the following line is the first priority for outgoing calls:
exten => _9.,1,SetCallerID("myallouser" <myallouser>)

If you change either of the values from myallouser (meaning your username) or you fail to include that line then you will get "all circuits are busy" errors. At least I did :). This also persisted when I tried different variation of the newer CALLERID functions that are replacing the . If someone knows what I was doing wrong please let me know.

Other than that I have to say it was pretty spot on.