Re: 2b disconnection problem - where to add?

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Re: 2b disconnection problem - where to add?

Posted:Tue 28 of Aug, 2007 (00:14 UTC)
For people trying to find out where to add the extra script in the chan_sip.c for the 2b disconnect issues please try the following:
1) Do a search on your editor for "snom", I use nano so just ctrl-w then enter "snom"
2) On the second search result (just do ctrl-w again and you should see the following:

/* Client code (from SNOM phone) */
if (ast_test_flag(p, SIP_USECLIENTCODE)) {
if (p->owner && p->owner->cdr)
ast_cdr_setuserfield(p->owner, c);
if (p->owner && ast_bridged_channel(p->owner) && ast_br$
transmit_response(p, "200 OK", req);
} else {
transmit_response(p, "403 Unauthorized", req);


/* Other type of INFO message, not really understood by Asterisk */

The other script for the Asterisk 1.2x just search for "X-ClientCode" and you should find it.

I tried it on both 1.4.10 and 1.2.24 and it seems to work fine.