Linksys WIP330 setup for HKBN 2B

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Linksys WIP330 setup for HKBN 2B

Posted:Sat 15 of Sep, 2007 (03:20 UTC)
I am a new user for the VoIP of HKBN 2B, I get a Linksys WIP330 IP wireless Phone, now I setting of my Phone as:

Proxy IP : s2hkbntel
Proxy Port : 5060
Register Proxy IP : s2hkbntel
Register Proxy Port : 5060
OutBound Proxy IP :
OutBound Proxy Port : 5060
phone number : xxxxxxxxhk
User Name : xxxxxxxxhk
password : xxxxxx

Payload Type : G.711a, G.711u, G.729
Packet size : small
DTMF : Disable
VDP Port : 5060
RTP : 2070

The wireless in my home is also the Linksys & firewall is turn OFF

Now the phone seem to be registered to HKBN because the phone is show READY. but I can not make call and recive any call.

can anyone help my make it work.......