SpeedVoIP Debuts VoIP Anti-blocking in Dubai

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SpeedVoIP Debuts VoIP Anti-blocking in Dubai

Posted:Wed 17 of Oct, 2007 (02:51 UTC)
As VoIP business users in Dubai are being blocked. Many users are turning to VPN solutions to allow the ability to use VoIP and get around the current blocking issue. This however is an expensive and unnecessary solution with SpeedVoIP Technology. To resolve this situation, SpeedVoIP has released it's new solution for Voip Blocking called VGCP (VoiceGuard Control Protocol).

In today’s market, VoIP for business has become more and more popular and necessary than ever before.

Dubai has become a big market, many big companies need to open branch offices in the UAE allowing more profit and larger market access. Technology Issues become apparent during this process that can cripple communications for that company. The primary communications issues are with VOIP blocking policies implemented in Dubai.

Now, here is the good news, A Canada based company SpeedVoIP with their integral R&D team have work out a new way to solve this VoIP blocking issue. This new system VGCP (VoiceGuard@ Control Protocol) has now laid the path to streamline low cost telephony solutions removing country limitations.

VGCP is a proprietary layer 2 link protocol working at between IP stack and NIC driver for VoIP anti-blocking. The core patent-pending VGCP is industry's most state-of-art voice service provider class security protocol whose scalability and flexibility results in not to compromise voice quality and overhead. VGCP controls and monitors full voice signalling and media flow intelligently, meanwhile disguises sip and RTP packets into normal allowed data packets such as DNS and TFTP, and makes two-way encryption and decryption driven by user-customized policy. VGCP is fully transparent to upper SIP proxy or UA which means VoiceGuard@ can work with any 3rd party soft phone/ATA/Gateway/IP Phone/IADs and SIP Proxy or Server not like some competitors which take effect on their own device and soft switch.

Korea Telecom has implemented this solution successfully for more than one year. And it has been operational within a group of Dubai companies. The trials and implementations proves that, The VGCP solution is the best solution to solve the VoIP Blocking issue and provides stable communications platforms providing an indispensable part of the business network.

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