Not downloading firmware

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Re: Not downloading firmware

Posted:Thu 29 of May, 2008 (21:59 UTC)
It's been a long time since I've worked on the optiPoint 100/300 series, but if you're still running into issues and need some help, please let me know. It should be fairly straight forward to download the new software via FTP. You should be able to configure the FTP parameters via the internal webserver (probably running on port 8085) and besides the web interface, there's also the phone interface, go to special menu #6 (not listed) and use the password of 123456. If you use anonymous, no password is needed. The firmware should be (where XXXXXX happens to be whatever you called it. We used 3com's 3Cserver successfully for many years without issues. If the phone has corrupt software there are ways to recover, but I'd have to look to see if I still have some of that magic firmware for those models.
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Not downloading firmware

Posted:Tue 15 of Apr, 2008 (10:26 UTC)
I have a OptiPoint 300 I got cheap on ebay. It has the following firmware:
BIOS: 0.29
Application: 1-0-4A
Web content: 1.0

Using wireshark/ethereal I verified that the new firmware and next server options are properly being set in the DHCP packet. However, the phone never downloads the file. It does ack the dhcp response and I can access the web interface. But, no way to update the firmware via the web interface, only the application.