Asterisk 1.4.19 & Vitelity problem

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Asterisk 1.4.19 & Vitelity problem

Posted:Sat 19 of Apr, 2008 (13:07 UTC)
I just upgraded my Asterisk 1.2 installation to 1.4.19 I receive several DID'S from vitelity, however...DTMF tones are not being successfully transfered from the Vitelity end to my asterisk server. Currently in my SIP.CONF I have DMF set to inband in both the general section and the vitelity inbound section. Prior to these problems, my former installation ran near flawlessly for roughly 2 years.

Can anyone advise of any known issues or recent changes in this new configuration (asterisk 1.4.19 in Vitelity) or any sure fixes that will eliminate this problem.

Thanks all