Asterisk Programming and Admin work

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Re: Asterisk Programming and Admin work

Posted:Mon 14 of Jul, 2008 (15:45 UTC)

Is this still open for Administration?


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Asterisk Programming and Admin work

Posted:Thu 22 of May, 2008 (16:04 UTC)
I have some small internal projects to complete our asterisk server with basic call routing and ivr's. And I also have a potential programming project that covers a paid phone service that is straighforward astbill or asterisktobilling + asterisk development.
If the administration side or the programming side is something you are interested in learning more of please feel free to contact me with your going rate. While we are in Buenos Aires, Arg. I am willing to work with remote people on much/ all of this.
You can email us at jobs AT sourcesouth DOT com