What VoIP router to buy?

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Re: What VoIP router to buy?

Posted:Thu 02 of Oct, 2008 (00:31 UTC)
Please forgive the thread necromancy. I am debating which device(s) to purchase for my sister - she has no router or SIP adapter. I have a PAP2T sitting around collecting dust, and was debating using that then I found the WRP400. I cannot find any information on SIP config on this device.

Nothinelse, you indicate you have configured the device. Any screenies on the interface you can provide, or information on the SIP config aspect for the non-provider locked WRP400?
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Re: What VoIP router to buy?

Posted:Mon 21 of Jul, 2008 (02:27 UTC)
You definitely want to consider the Linksys WRP400 Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports and QoS (suggest good T.38 support but need to be tested). Few installations with this device on a business class Internet connetion for dedicated VoIP network, so far and it delivers! Around 140$CAD but I found interesting deal lately, you surely get it fot cheaper.

Linksys WRP400 Wireless router with 3 phone ports


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Re: What VoIP router to buy?

Posted:Sun 13 of Jul, 2008 (18:12 UTC)
If you actual router is still working fine and you're happy with it, just pick up a cheap ATA (Grandstream, Linksys) for $50 or less and plug it in to replace your old 486. I'm not sure it's worth spending $100+ to replace both boxes when you already have something working.

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What VoIP router to buy?

Posted:Mon 07 of Jul, 2008 (21:15 UTC)
My Grandstream 486 just died. So I'm in the market. Current router is Netgear MR814v2, which does NAT, WiFi, and I had the 486 hooked to it, and things worked.

Is it better to go with a single box that does everything? Or a different/better router with QoS support? Or?