GSM/Wifi SIP PDA Mobile

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GSM/Wifi SIP PDA Mobile

Posted:Thu 17 of Jul, 2008 (07:26 UTC)
Stephen Technologies has got its SVW906 GSM/Wifi SIP PDA Mobile ready. Please feel free to get in touch with us to obtain samples.

The SVW906 is a GSM/Wifi dual mode mobile that support Sip. It is based on Windows Mobile 6.0, and it support
Bluetooth. Users can make VoIP calls, SURF the internet, and creat office documents, like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and they can also use outlook to receive emails on the mobile.

The SVW906 Sip PDA Mobile can also work with Stephen Technologies' SVG1000 Wireless gateway IP PBX system to
offer wireless extensions for little offices. The SVG1000 Wireless gateway ip pbx support registration of 20 Sip lines
, and 100 ip extensions

Please go through for the details.