vonage lines to pstn lines conferance

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Re: vonage lines to pstn lines conferance

Posted:Tue 09 of Sep, 2008 (18:54 UTC)
You will need to do some programming. Check out www.brekeke.com/pbx/ and www.brekeke.com/telephony/
Brekeke has a JTAPI SDK that will allow you to create the service you desire.

Alternatively, you can purchase a system that already integrates the Brekeke Software. Check out:


Good luck buddy!

Brekeke PBX is a highly stable, reliable, and scalable.
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vonage lines to pstn lines conferance

Posted:Fri 25 of Jul, 2008 (19:03 UTC)
Sir ,

I am doing netphone service using with 20 vonage line+20 pstn lines now I am coneting calls manuvali (call receving in vonage line & dailing out going call in PSTN line ) I need a auto matic conferance with pin acess plz tell me & call details we can see in system

vamsi krishna