Freeswitch - a PBX?

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Re: Freeswitch - a PBX?

Posted:Sat 06 of Sep, 2008 (21:08 UTC)
Have you deployed WikiPBX? On FreeBSD?
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Re: Freeswitch - a PBX?

Posted:Sat 09 of Aug, 2008 (19:27 UTC)
FreeSWITCH is flexible, and scalable and is a platform that can be configured as a soft Switch, PBX and or a Soft Phone. It can be run from FreeBSD, Mac, Linux and Windows. It out performs asterisk/trixbox easily in scalability, stability, and voice quality.

FreeSWITCH is a voice application developers dream come true.

I have several systems in production with FreeBSD, and from Windows Server 2003.
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Re: Freeswitch - a PBX?

Posted:Thu 07 of Aug, 2008 (01:03 UTC)
Freeswitch is a open source softpbx system...that is traditionally pbx systems are hardware driven.

the only hardware you need is a network and server.
install the software and away you go.

Beaware though that free switch is command driven. It currently only has a gui in linux not in windows.

But from what i have read it is amazing and has a great API and lots of flexibility.
we are using at my company.

I am trying to set it up :) its a struggle...i am new to all of thsi technology

anyway hope that helps
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Freeswitch - a PBX?

Posted:Tue 05 of Aug, 2008 (16:03 UTC)
so is freeswitch a PBX system also or is it intended to be an addon to a PBX system..
I am looking at freepbx, trixbox, and freeswitch to play with and possibly deploy