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Asterisk Manager Originate

Posted:Wed 06 of Aug, 2008 (01:13 UTC)
Hi folks. I'm trying to write a simple outbound call function for a local library.
What we want to do is call a given number, play a message to the person, then get a response (press 1 to talk to the librarian, 2 if you have returned the book, 3 if you do not have this book). If they press 1, we want to xfer them to a queue.

I am using the Manager interface, so I expect to use Originate. I could not see how to call a macro, though I'd like to.
I thought I could pass Originate parameters - the number to ring, the name of the message to play, the name of the queue, perhaps the macro names for the various number functions. But how?
I can't seem to get it to do what I want (I set up a macro but I can't get to to function - it doesnt seem to work as a CONTEXT). I am clearly missing something. MeetMe (I have TrixBox) seems like a good start, but I cannot control the message, it's just music, and I can't get DTMF either.

Originate seems to want an extension but I don't really have one.

Any suggestions? (I am from the Java backend software area so I am finding this stuff interesting!)

I can get it to dial out and put the person into a MeetMe, but that doesn't get me where I want, though it's a start! (I could possibly connect a recording to the MeetMe though I don't know how, but I still could not get key presses)

Simon (in Sydney where it is fairly pleasant despite being midwinter)