Mitel SD200 Legacy Setup in new building

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Re: Mitel SD200 Legacy Setup in new building

Posted:Wed 13 of Aug, 2008 (18:47 UTC)
I am assuming you are talking about a mitel SX-200 and not an SD-200. i can help you get this going and get you documentation to this system, however its a lot to just type out on a message board for it... the Sx-200 is a pretty easy phone system to get up to speed on... now mind you this system you have there is NOT a VOIP system.. it is purely legacy.. sounds like this was used in a business environment as it has mainly digital cards... these are to be used with Superset telephones....

if you want to get started.. connect your laptop to the Maint. port on the back of the cabinet that has the MCC card in it... the MCC card will be in slot 12 and will have a PCMICIA card sticking out of it... if this card is not in either cabinet and you do not have an SX-200 ICP node present the system is non-functional...

after connecting a straight through SERIAL port cable to the maint port and the serial port on your laptop.. load up hyperterminal and set it for VT-100 9600 baud, Noparity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit... use direct connect to the com port on your laptop..
after hyperterm is ocnnected press enter a bunch of times and you will get the prompt to log in..

select VT-100, then CDE, then try username installer, pass 1000, if that doesnt work try username maint1, and pass 1000, those are defaults for mitel....

I have the instruction manuals for that system, however it requires you have the software called "folio views" installed to read it....
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Mitel SD200 Legacy Setup in new building

Posted:Sat 09 of Aug, 2008 (01:40 UTC)
Hello please,
I need to setup a SX-200 in a new building. There are two boxes:
The top one has 6 x Digital LCCT cards, 1 LSGS Trunk card, 1 ONS Line card, 1 Bay control card, 1 T1 DS1 card.
The bottom one has 3 x Digital 12CCT cards, 1 LSGS trunck card, 1 Express messenger card, 2 D16 cards.
Where do I get the cables to interconnect the boxes, patch them to the blocks, etc?