Kindness from strangers

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Re: Kindness from strangers

Posted:Tue 19 of Aug, 2008 (22:08 UTC)
visit for the wiki for the mailing lists.
and irc #freeswitch
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Kindness from strangers

Posted:Sun 17 of Aug, 2008 (02:32 UTC)
I am a true noob in all things VOIP, which means that I know as little about FreeSwitch as I do about Asterisk.

I am interested in setting up a virtual PBX for my law office, and in integrating the VOIP system with the other IT systems such as contact, workflow, document and project management.

I thought I had no choice besides Asterisk, but everything I have read about FreeSwitch convinces me that it is a better building block. However, FreeSwitch is a much newer product, and so I have fewer Internet-based resources to draw upon.

Is there anyone out the there who can consult with me (for a fee) on what I have in mind?